Every kid believes that there is some magic in this world. Growing up, Nick watched the birds as they cleaned their wings for hours, fed and chatted with the squirrels every morning, and decided to be a lion one day and a horse the next. "Certain animals sometimes felt like certain people, and certain people sometimes even felt like certain animals!" He wanted to be in their skin and experience the world as them, and used drawing as a medium to get him close to this feeling. From a very early age, Nick was eager to capture the expression, essence and the feeling of the subjects he would portray in his drawings.

Animals continue to play a prominent role in his work. Nick draws what he loves and tells stories that are close to his heart. Nick maintains a large following across various social media platforms and is known for his distinctly recognizable and charming art style.

If he were actually a lion or a tiger, Nick would surely prefer to live in the jungle. But as a humble hairless primate, he currently lives and works from his studio in Glendale, California!